Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's trades

I didn't make any trades today, other than selling some of a position on the NASDAQ that still had some profit left. I need to raise cash for making trades on the TSX now. This blog is basically marking my switch to the TSX as a higher percentage of my trades. I think I will still trade the US market for longer term stocks since the day trading rule wont have any negative impact on those trades.

Tonight I evaluate my other positions and shoot the losers in the head and sell them tomorrow. I came to this realisation today while reading another blog. It was nothing new but reinforced the point. The advantage we small investors have is that we can bail out in a whisper, and nobody notices. we can be in and out of a stock as we like, and don't have to explain it to anyone. Since I use Interactive Brokers, the commission is not even worth thinking about. If a stock breaches my stop, I'm out. Maybe I'll buy it back the next day. I don't really care what these companies do, the short term holders anyways, as long as I can take some many out of the trade.

I wonder if professional traders ever have thoughts like they are legally stealing other peoples money? Crazy.

The market is still churning right now, so I am taking a time out to work on another scan that I recently discovered that looks like it has potential. it finds stocks for longer term growth. I have to program it and back test it. Then I will expose it to the world via the internet.

Is anybody reading this blog? Spit me a comment.

I am looking for someone to do some commentary or provide some other content. If you have ideas and want to do some blogging, I'd pay you the same as I pay you right now, status-quo, nothing, which is more than some made in the market today!


  1. Hi Brain,

    Yes I read everyday but because you concentrate on Canadian stocks I'm afraid you're not going to have much of a following and it's a shame because imo you have great stuff here,especially with your spreadsheets.
    But I think many like myself don't have the time or inclination to follow Canadian stocks as the U.S. markets are what we trade.
    Hope I'm wrong and you pick up a following

  2. Thanks Muddy.
    I appreciate your candor. I was thinking of posting some scans for the NASDAQ, perhaps I'll just start with the short interest spreadsheet.

  3. Actually, you have just gained one reader. I was looking for Canadian material and you switch is fine with me.
    I'm a retired ex investment manager
    based in Canada. If I can help you, just say the word. I will try to help as you requested.

  4. Hi anon;

    Please send me an email using the email link at the bottom of the post. I'd like to discuss!


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