Thursday, June 12, 2008

How's your autotrading system?

This is an invitation for you to tell us about your auto trading experience.

Notice the poll on the left side of the blog. The polls asks "Do you use some form of automation in your trading?". Today, this is how the poll appears...

If you have not yet submitted a vote please do.
For those of you who either have a fully implemented auto trading systems or partially automated system, it would be very helpful to hear from you, not to mention encouraging. If you would be interested in answering these simple questions, I will post them on the blog for others to learn from (omitting your email and name).

Here are the questions
1. Is your system fully automated or partially automated
2. If fully automated, how often do you check on your system?
3. If partially automated, what component is partially automated?
4. How many different strategies are in use at any one time
5. How long have you been auto trading for?
6. In your opinion, is your system complicated or based on simple techniques?
7. What time frame do you use to enter the market?
8. What instruments do you auito trade?
9. Is your system(s) consistently profitable?
10. A few brief words on the strategies utilized (without giving away any secrets of course)
11. Other than actual buy/sell signals and formulating a winning system, what were two of the toughest problems you faced while trying to implement auto trading?

If your interested in participating, email me your comments, my contact information is at the top of the blog under "What this Blog is all about". Alternatively, you could just as easily post a comment.

Currently I have partial automation implemented. I select buy/short, sell/cover and targets by placing lines on my charts. I select the type of order (limit, buystop / shortstop, or market) and transmit this from Amibroker, to the API (Amibroker IBController) to TWS. This way I can walk away and check up on the trade later on. I find that I'm impatient, so this helps me get over that.
For the future: If your reading this post and it's old, send me your comments and I'll update this post.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Links

I have updated the links on the left side of the blog with some sites and tools I use often. One link to check out is the news calendar. There are four video's by the Knight that I have posted below to show you how to trade the news after the initial pop. This is less risky than trying to guess the direction of the pop or chasing the intitial spike. Try it on your demo account first, but remember, demo accounts do not mirror actual fills you would get in the real world.

Delayed Entry

Using Fibs to enter

Multiple Targets

Re-Tests: Resistance Becomes Support


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