Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Auto Trading UPDATE

I have been using Bracket Trader lately. Great little program. I also just changed computers and noticed it doesn't run very well. I had to turn off my real time virus scanner. I'll have to figure out what files are running and add them to exceptions for the scanner.

The AFL I'm working on actually combines several systems that can be turn on and off with the params window. The time of day to allow trades can also be adjusted.

I send an email alert to me handheld so I'll be able to log on and check that the stops and targets have been placed, then just let it go. It's running on the TWS simulated account right now, making play $$.


I just opened an account at Questrade. The experience was painless and prompt. I noticed one thing very quickly about their platform, that I usually research before hand.... not this time!! Where are the stops? I can't set a bracket order!!

Apparently the TSX doesn't allow stops unless they are stop limit orders. Questrade has something called VTSO, not exactly sure how it works yet. I do know that without stops, trading is riskier. IB offers stops on the TSX, probably simulated in their system. I'll have to do more research. Feel free to offer what you know if you're reading this.


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