Friday, October 30, 2009

HSI / MHI Hang Seng

I've been searching the web for blog posts and forums to gain insight into the HSI. It seems some of the comments are dated. If you trade this I'd appreciate any feedback or information you can offer (what doesn't work, what works) from your experience. Here is what I have learned thus far;

It's technical intraday chart looks very technical and normal, the daily looks like its on crack, gapping all over the place. The opening gap break out seems to work well, gap and run. I've been using the first 5 to 8 minutes to gauge the direction and strength. Then I bottom fish and take the breakout for my position and let it ride. Last night worked perfect, huge gains, sold when the upwards trend line broke.

I also only trade the "morning session" up to about midnight EST, then its bedtime. The "afternoon session" seems to have a mind of its own, like a different day.

The first half of the morning session moves and trends, the second half can be choppy, the range (ATR) increases too. Just before each session closes the price goes nuts.

I've read that the market is heavily manipulated by technical traders? I'm not sure what that means, it looks like it has some structure on the 1 minute time frame.

Questions for you if you trade this;

  • What is your daily target (in points or dollars)
  • What is your daily loss limit?
  • Do you trade specific time of the market?
  • Do fibs work? I have noticed they work somewhat, good gauge of a pullback but I generally don't count on them.
  • Do pivot points work? My guess is not since the gaps are huge, perhaps weekly pivots?
So far the P/L is floating in the black a little above break even and that's OK with me. Since I'm new to the Asian market, I need to learn it before going to bigger positions.
Any input would be helpful for me as I am building my strategy and plan for trading this puppy.

I also open up the chat room just before the market opens, its been quiet. Anyone know of any chat rooms for the Asian market?


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