Monday, October 12, 2009


Looks like a false breakout to me. It could also be a shakeout but I dont think a shakeout is that easy in forex and given this is a well watched trandl ine, there are too many participants at this level to do that.

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I was looking at the EURUSD chart today, deciding how to play pair as it nears long term S/R. My son came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I explained the bar chart and told him that we could make lots of money if our prediction was right. I asked what he thought the chart would do, first taking no more than one minute to show him how prices bounces off previous S/R levels, showing him the trend lines and S/R lines I drew. His 30 second view into the future is attached below and I have to tell you, its as valid as any other.

I'm playing this as a breakout for one reason only, this level has acted as resistance four times already and there is upward pressure from a very long trend line. There are three outcomes I see in the next week or so;

1: Breakout and huge move to the upside because of the long term nature of the two trend lines.
2: Breakout and a failure within a few days, price will move back below the 1.4821 area in a classic 2B move and then tank over multiple weeks if not longer.
3: Price will bounce off this area and head lower, below the uptrend line, then we are moving sideways. until a low is broken.

BTW - I have used Tipster Trendlines to place my trades. Check out this AFL for Amibroker for placing error free trades. "Error free" refers to the task of placing the trade, it does NOT refer to a trading system. the AFL also offers a risk management tool.

In short - this is a great place to watch price and place a trade. In other words, don't waste your time trading in between S/R lines on your chosen time frame.

Not sure about the long term, I'm focusing on the weeks ahead. Just for kicks, I'm posting what a 9 year old boy thinks of this market.

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