Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last week I caught a big move and rode it for a nice profit. It was the breakdown of EURUSD below 1.3450 area (support area on the daily chart and also going back to May 2009). Now its getting back to that area (revisiting, support becomes resistance) and I'm considering shorting again. The only thing that looks odd is the speed at which it has re-visited the area. It doesn't look so odd on smaller time frames. With proper risk management and appropriate stop placement this is worth a go since the reward (profit area) is quite far away when looking at the daily chart, 1.2900 area. Here's the chart... as I see it.

Here's the hourly picture. Watch out for early Sunday fake outs, including gap plays.

Market Scan NASDAQ and other US markets

Here's the same scan from the previous post applied to my US stocks database. I don't typically play US stocks.
Check out the stocks with the NR7, their in pull back mode, I buy on STOP. I look at the intraday 15 minute chart where I have the 5 day MA plotted. The 5 day MA has to be flattening out, then I buy the break out for a swing trade, using a bracket order.
My tool for placing order is Tipster Trendlines. It is an Amibroker AFL for the chart that allows me to draw horizontal lines on the chart and hit the order button, sending the bracket order to TWS (Interactive Brokers trading platform). If your interested in it, the link is at the top of the blog.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Market Scan - TSX

Here is an example of a scan I'll do when I'm looking for a swing trade on the TSX. The output window is shown below, along with a few stocks that i would consider entering on STOP orders, all are long entries.
The coloumns I generally look at in the output window are;

  • AlphaLong when the market is in an uptrend
  • NR7 - scans for narrow range bars in the last 7 bars
  • Stochastics - below 40 - this just ensure I filter out stocks that have moved already

Behind the scenes in the scan I'm looking at the 5, 20, and 50 SMA, with a price cut off and volume cut off (55 day average volume more than 200K)

On the chart, the arrows are coloured, the legend is at the top of the chart. Notice the NR7 arrows....

I use Tipster Trendlines AFL code for Amibroker to place my trades. It's a great tool to place the trade right from the Amibroker chart. Interactive Brokers is who I use.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tipster Trendlines - Version 3 beta

The new code is in beta testing.

The goal of the new code is to never have to see TWS again!

New features include;

  • Ability to easily see if your in a position or not
  • One order button instead of a seperate Long and Short button
  • Shows if an order is placed and not filled
  • Ability to modify the order after it's placed, from the chart
  • If you place an order and re-boot, the chart can still be used to modify the bracket if the order is still open (great for swing trading)
  • Turn bracket on or off so you can use any combination of the order with a stop or target
  • Colours have been modified to make it easier on the eyes
  • Price plot is set to your default so you are free to change it from the preferences menu

Anyone that has previously purchased earlier versions will be sent the code via email once it is ready.


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