Sunday, January 17, 2010

A free e-book

... after reading the title of this post you're probably thinking that I made an e-boook and I'm giving it away for free. Not. Maybe one day. I want to give you another hint on finding books.

Earlier I wrote about finding free e-books using Google "
Free ebook for everyone - how to find free books online". Go to that post and read the instructions, and become familiar with Googles advanced search.

A while back I read this post by RiskAddict
"Example Trading System" and went to the link he provided to download the e-book. It wouldn't let me get the book, something about maximum limit reached. So I went up to the Google tool bar and typed in "book" and selected "search site" from the Google drop down menu. From there I browsed through the hits and selected the PDF.

Here is the link that Google spit out, download the PDF while it's still there -
How to develop a futures trading system ebook

10 tips from the website with the book;

  1. Do not feel compelled to always have a trade on or to trade everyday. Capital preservation is the key to successful trading and sometimes that just means waiting when the odds are not in your favour. Throughout all my years of investing I've found that the big money was never made in the buying or the selling. The big money was made in the waiting." Jesse Livermore
  2. Develop your own proven trading system - accept that losing trades will be part of that system.
  3. Do not let
fear and greed influence your trading decisions.
  • Trading is a business, be strategic and logical.
  • Learn something new everyday that will help to maintain or increase your edge.
  • Keep a trading journal and review why your actual trades vary from your trading plan.
  • Do not fight the market, it's easier to run with the wind than against it.
  • Always trade with a stop loss and never move that stop further away or remove it completely. Do not allow a day trade to become a long term investment.
  • Become an expert, know your market inside out. Be it options, futures or an individual stock - you should strive to become the World authority in it!
  • The market will rarely do what it 'should' be doing. Instead focus on what it is doing.
  • Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Playback to Bracket Trader

    There are two ways to backtest that I know of using Amibroker;
    Use the backtester
    use the playback feature

    Backtester - This requires some coding, coding that isn't required when trading live with Amibroker, Bracket Trader, and TWS. You have to watch out for a whole basket of different issues that can creep into the test. It remains a valuable tool.

    Playback simulation - This is a great tool for practicing discretionary trading. It's also a great tool for testing your Bracket trader (BT) interface / system. If it would just work! I searched high and low and the net for some information on how to do this, or code that I could simply drop into Ami that would "make it happen". The good news is that I've finally got it to work, and surprisingly it wasn't to difficult to code, but getting the bug out was an issue.

    Ive used it to test several days of 1 minute HSI system with BT to get the stats from it. The last thing I just completed tonight was exiting positions near the close. Still a few issues to work out with that. Still, the most difficult part is finding a system that generates a profit, I'm looking for a winning ratio of 40% or better.

    Is anyone else using Amibroker playback in this fashion?

    I was contemplating doing a video on this and posting the code. Not sure I want to spend the time to do it though.


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