Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trading Simulators and Trading Games - Practice Trading Online

A long time ago I stumbled onto a nice little stock trading simulator, played online using a chart, any indicators you choose, and buy/sell buttons.  I went searching for this today and stumbled onto another game.

Try it out, it takes about 3 minutes to play it Futures trading simulator

The better game is called "Chart Game", written by a guy with all kinds of other interesting blog posts such as woodworking projects he has done, and trips he's been on.  This is the game I was looking for... Chart Game.  Maybe a good tool to warm up for a few minutes before you place your first trade of the day.  I played it for an hour today and beat the buy and hold.  I remember playing it a couple of years ago and losing.... consistently.  What a change!!

Chart Game

If you know any other site that offer something online (no need for a download) feel free to add a comment or email the link to me.

Here what this game looks like.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Trend - depends on lots of things doesn't it?

The books tell you that are are many ways to determine the current trend and that you should trade in the direction of the trend.  Want an easy way to figure out the trend? 

Look at the chart below and I think it tells you where is it in the trend picture.  The yellow levels are demand and supply zones.  The books tell you that the trend is currently UP.  All you need to do is map out the supply demand levels and see where you are in between these levels.  Drill down to a finer time frame and rip the profits. 

I'm doing this right now with currency futures.  The performance data you see on this blog on forex is my MT4 account, thats only for spot.  I use Amibroker and Interactive Brokers to trade the futures.  I also use Tipster Trendlines AFL code for Amibroker to place and adjust the trades.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video on Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker

I thought I would offer an update on this code.  The code might be "old" but it sstill works and I still use it.

This code allows you to place trades and modify trades right from the Amibroker chart.  It has much more functionality than the current version of Amibrokers trading off the chart feature.  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Here is the link to read more about this and get the code.  Tipster Trendlines 3

Tipster Trendlines 3 from Another Brian on Vimeo.

This AFL code for Amibroker allows you to place trades right from the Amibroker chart. Once the order is place (transmitted) you can change it just by moving the 3 lines on the chart and pressing the button on the chart window. Once the order is filled, you can move the target and stop lines and press a button the change them too! All you have to do is draw 3 horizontal lines on your chart and you're ready to trade. Watch the video to see how it works.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Forex Contest

Alpari UK started up this years forex contest.  It's free and offers 20K of prizes.
I've already signed up for it, under the name AnotherBrian, account number 28353.
If you want to see where I stand in the league table, here is the link, enter the account number in the search box.

Here's the link to register.

Alpari Forex Contest

Good luck!


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