Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video on Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker

I thought I would offer an update on this code.  The code might be "old" but it sstill works and I still use it.

This code allows you to place trades and modify trades right from the Amibroker chart.  It has much more functionality than the current version of Amibrokers trading off the chart feature.  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Here is the link to read more about this and get the code.  Tipster Trendlines 3

Tipster Trendlines 3 from Another Brian on Vimeo.

This AFL code for Amibroker allows you to place trades right from the Amibroker chart. Once the order is place (transmitted) you can change it just by moving the 3 lines on the chart and pressing the button on the chart window. Once the order is filled, you can move the target and stop lines and press a button the change them too! All you have to do is draw 3 horizontal lines on your chart and you're ready to trade. Watch the video to see how it works.


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