Friday, July 29, 2011

Trend - depends on lots of things doesn't it?

The books tell you that are are many ways to determine the current trend and that you should trade in the direction of the trend.  Want an easy way to figure out the trend? 

Look at the chart below and I think it tells you where is it in the trend picture.  The yellow levels are demand and supply zones.  The books tell you that the trend is currently UP.  All you need to do is map out the supply demand levels and see where you are in between these levels.  Drill down to a finer time frame and rip the profits. 

I'm doing this right now with currency futures.  The performance data you see on this blog on forex is my MT4 account, thats only for spot.  I use Amibroker and Interactive Brokers to trade the futures.  I also use Tipster Trendlines AFL code for Amibroker to place and adjust the trades.

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