Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trading Simulators and Trading Games - Practice Trading Online

A long time ago I stumbled onto a nice little stock trading simulator, played online using a chart, any indicators you choose, and buy/sell buttons.  I went searching for this today and stumbled onto another game.

Try it out, it takes about 3 minutes to play it Futures trading simulator

The better game is called "Chart Game", written by a guy with all kinds of other interesting blog posts such as woodworking projects he has done, and trips he's been on.  This is the game I was looking for... Chart Game.  Maybe a good tool to warm up for a few minutes before you place your first trade of the day.  I played it for an hour today and beat the buy and hold.  I remember playing it a couple of years ago and losing.... consistently.  What a change!!

Chart Game

If you know any other site that offer something online (no need for a download) feel free to add a comment or email the link to me.

Here what this game looks like.

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