Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tipster SR

So I made a system a while back for MT4, based on support and resistance.  I backtested it and studied it to learn the strenghts and weakness.  I've been demo testing it for about 4 months with good results, its not the grail but it trades without causing platform errors and long term produces some gains. 

On MTI Live, it was running on Anotherbriandemo, you can see it in the comments of the published statement on the MTI site.  It's now running on my real account.  I've adjusted the published statement start date of the Anotherbrian MTI Live account to be the same time I started using it.  I also use two other trading strategies on this account.  ForexMorningTrade and dicretionary trading based on Sam Seiden. 

FMT - I use this as more of a scalper with small lot size - this is like a real account test - I didnt back test it.  I watch it the day it trades to see if I should close it or not. 

Sam Seiden - I usually use a 1 or 4 hour chart for this.  This strategy requires patience.  In order to help me with that, I found having a robot running kills most of the urge to trade, so I can wait as long as it takes.

So, time will tell.

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For the longest time I've been breakeven or losing slowly.  For the past severla months I've been working on EA's and watching them, and trading myself.  I think I found what works for me, as overtrading is a problem.  Let's see what happens!!  Join the MTI competition for some fun.... it's outlined in the post below.

UPDATE (July3, 2011):  The MTI Live website doesn't seem to show things as they really are unless you include ALL history.  I haven't figure it out yet (how to correctly show stats from a certain day forward).
The Tipster SR EA is LIVE.  It's one of the 3 EA's running on my live account.


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