Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free eBook for everyone! - How to find free books online

Yet another effective way of minimizing capitol depreciation by NOT paying for books.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you might remember the post about how to find books on line for free. How to find free ebooks is the topic once again. The post was on Tools for trading education. Read it after this post for a complete understanding.
Recently I wanted to read a book and did a quick search for the title. (This post will not use specific book names in the text as there are often searches done to find websites that show others where to find this material. I will give you the tools, you find it yourself!!)
To find almost anything you want, use the Google advanced search. Check out the screen shot below that shows how I searched for the book. Here is the Google advanced search.

... and the results, see the "visited" link?

Here is the link to the advanced search page results from Google, a link for an ebook, go to the second page down near the bottom. You will quickly find a link to the pdf.

Here is yet another trick if you have made it this far. Right click on the google link and select "copy shortcut". Paste that into the address bar of your browser and then remove the last part of the link that is the file name. Then hit enter. This will, in most cases, show you the contents of the directory. In this case, you are presented with a long list of books you might be interested in reading. All you need know is a cold beer and a large monitor. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tipster Trendlines - v2.1 being finalized

I've just sent the latest code (v2.1) to three others who offered to help get it all working. For the most part it works fine, just needs some calculations for the risk panel. I've tried to make it determine risk based on user selection of stocks, futures, or forex.

There are a few other brand new features too.

With the extra help, this shouldn't take to long.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to Trade from Work

Don't want IT to know what your doing online? Trading, cruising porn, chatting, whatever you want to do, do it like you were sitting in front of your home computer. All IT can see is that you are accessing a remote computer, they won't know what your doing. It's your own proxy server!!

Use Windows Remote Desktop. This video takes you through a high level of setting this up. Sorry for the crappy quality.

Here is a resource for
Remote Desktop Q&A.

An excerpt from the above:

Q. What port does Remote Desktop use? Does everything go over port 3389?

A. Port 3389 is the only port you need to open. Windows will attempt to stream sound through User Datagram Protocol (UDP) first. If no port is available for UDP, sound will stream through a virtual channel in Remote Desktop Protocol, which uses port 3389.

Q. How do I connect Windows Desktop Client to a remote port other than 3389?

A. In the Computer field in the Remote Desktop Client connection dialog, specify the port in either of the following ways:
• Computer name, colon, port number
Example: TSComputer: 22229 • IP address, colon, port number
Example: 22229

Monday, December 8, 2008


Interesting chart pattern on the USDCAD. Triple top with an ascending wedge. A triple top gives it a bearish feel but the pattern is not valid until it breaks lower support. The ascending wedge gives it a bullish overtone. Since we don't have volume to add to the clues, we can only use price action. Notice the buyers were not waiting to buy shown by the lower lows. Also the lower lows get closer together, so they are also not waiting as long to jump in. On the other hand, look how fast price jumped off the top resistance line, telling us all kinds of sellers came in, plus its a big super fat round number (1.3000).

Buy on a break over 1.3 with tight stops, it either goes like a f'n canon, or fakes out and reverses back into the channel.

On a break out, you could also put in a short stop order below the 1.3000 line to catch the fake out on its way back to the bottom of the channel.

This is the type of pattern I would use breakkouts on, not channel trading. The converting to USD might be over, then again it might not. Use price action to guide you. Don't enter at the middle of the channel, enter at the top or bottom, this allows you to use tight stops, control risk, and have an edge.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trading from work

There is a poll on the right side of the blog, "Do you trade from work?"
Do you? Take the poll.

If we take these results, we can see that 54% of the responders want or actually do access there trading account from work. Here is what I'm getting at; Does anyone want to see a video of how you can do this without the IT department knowing what your doing? There is nothing illegal here. You just have to know how technology works to be able to avoid the "tracking logs". Make no mistake, you will be a part of the log, but it wont show up that you are using TWS or WebTrader, or continually accessing your brokers web page.

You may be think, he is using a proxy server. No, that's not it, but close. So, do I have your attention? Take the poll first, then leave a comment.

Currently, this is what the poll looks like:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Reading and Video

In my opinion, support and resistance with momentum are the way to trade. It involves the alignment of the trend on multiple time frames. You may have heard this before and it is difficult to put it to use. But it is like anything else, you need to practice. Practice makes you remember the rules. We have all heard that we should find something we are comfortable with and stick to it with discipline. If this is your style, all you need to do is pick the smallest time frame from which you want to trade. Use three time frames. I like to use the weekly, daily, and hourly to pick where I will enter.
The following video by Brian Shannon will help you understand this concept. If you want more reading, buy his book. He doesn't over complicate things, he makes it gumby pokey easy to understand. In case you don't know this because you've been living under a rock for 2 years, Shannon was the head of training at MarketWise for some time. They are a very good trading training firm in the US. Previously I have mention Sam Seidens work who also works for them. Shannon is a full time trader now. Buy his book. It is good for any type of trading, even forex. (If you use this link, I actually get paid a dollar or two).

In addition to this, if your interested in forex, read this PDF. It explains things pretty well at a high level. The "rules" and description of discipline and money management are honest, not a bullshit bunch of crap that is usually written.
One more thing before the video. Read this post to understand more about support and resistance. It explains the Gap & VWAP. The VWAP is the volume weighted average price.

The video below is timeless. I watched it three times to memorize the info. If you can memorize it, you will do better. Think of your job, and how you just "know" what to do day in and day out. You know it becuase you have done it so many times. Use a demo account, that will help memorize the info and required action. Again, watch the video a few times.


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