Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some great tools for trading... education

In this post I'll give you some tools you can use to obtain videos, blogs, websites, books to help yourself. Make sure you follow the law and don't' abuse any copyrights. Your on your own, know what your doing and be responsible.

Have you ever watched a video online and wanted to save it to your hard drive? Most online videos these days are streaming, and they don't save to your "temp" directory like they did only a few years ago. Back then you could go to your temp directory and copy the file and re-play it. So what do we do now? There are two options, you can play the video and use a screen capture program similar to the ones these guys use on there blogs to make there videos at
Alphatrends, Trade-Guild. The problem with this is you have to have the video player open and you can't do anything else while recording. Also, if there is a hang-up or delay in the stream, you going to record it. The better way is to use a streaming video capture program that captures the digital stream, behind the scene and while you work on something else.

I tried quite a few video download tools to find most didn't work well. The best one I have found is the cheapest, "FREE". It's called ORBIT and you can get your own copy right
here. You can even schedule downloads and control bandwidth. So while you at work, where the bandwidth is HUGE, you limit the speed your downloading at so you don't raise any IT heads.

I have download videos from FXCM, Alphatrends, Optimize101 and 201 for Amibroker, MACDots system, all kinds of videos. I load them into my MIO UPS and watch them in the car on the way home from work. Well, I don't actually watch them, I listen to them. I also download mp3's from TrederInterviews and listen to them on the way to work/home.

Here is a portion of my library right now - click to enlarge. If you want some of these, I was thinking up opening up my FTP site. Depends on how many people ask for them.

Blogs and Websites
Have you found a website or blog that you want to spend time reading but can't find the time? Do you want to archive your blog? Do you want to save a copy of someone else's blog to your hard drive for reference? Do you want to save a website to your hard drive so you can read it while sitting an an aircraft? Here is the tool for you... your going to have to read the help a little to get the right results, it will only take 15 minutes or so.


So you want to read some books. First off, don't go and buy them. Search Google for them. There and many PDF books out there, all you have to do is find them. Check these out, this is just part of what I have found. Once I find the book, I print it double sided, with 2 pages per side of paper. Instant book.

Go to Google and use advanced search.
Here is a sample page, make sure you use filetype to return only PDF's

Hope these tools help you. Let me know!


  1. I just watched the YouTube vid and its very clever! You mentioned that you might be willing to share your code and I'd be VERY interested in that.



  2. I am a rookie. Thanks for the tips and information. I am very very interested in the videos you have.


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