Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bracket Trader

Bracket Trader (BT) communicate directly with TWS. You can trade right from BT, or have an external app send signals to BT.

I've installed Bracket Trader and tried it with my IB simulated account. So far, so good. I like this set-up because I only have to generate signals and sent them to a text file. BT looks at the text file for orders and executes. BT has some nice features, trailing stops, multiple targets, etc. It's worth looking at. The main reason I like it is I don't have to code the scale out or order management part of the trade.

I'm setting Amibroker up to send LMT orders. If they don't trigger within a few bars then I cancel the order.

Has anyone else played with this application? I would like to hear about your experience. Once I get this working I'll post some AFL code to interface to BT, and I hope you will participate.


  1. I use Bracket Trader and Amibroker almost every trading day. For automated trading with Amibroker and Bracket Trader together, I use IBcontroller to get position size from the TWS into Amibroker.

    If a limit orders fails to get a fill after thirty seconds, based upon position size as reported to Amibroker from the TWS, Amibroker commands Bracket Trader to cancel the order.

    Do you know of a way to get position size into Amibroker directly from Bracket Trader so that it is not necessary to use IBcontroller?

  2. I just started working with BT so I haven't gotten that far. I have read that some are trying to read the BT log file into Ami.
    Check this out though...
    If my BUYSTP order doesnt trigger by the next bar I send a cancel from Ami to BT and it cancels the order. If the order has trigger, I still send the cancel signal at the next bar but nothing happens, it doesnt cancel my stops or targets. I think it is safer to use IBcontroller but the more links in the chain the more chance of a problem too.

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  4. Hey Risk Addict;
    I'm using BT with some success, wondering if you found my comment valid. Your web site does not have any contact information.

  5. My trading system needs to know whether it has an open position or not, to know when to send an exit command to Bracket Trader. If your system only opens a position and holds it until either your stop or target is hit, there is no need for it know whether there is an open position or not. My system, however, will exit before the stop or target or is hit, if an exit signal is generated.

    I suppose another way might be to always assume there is an open position, and send every exit signal to Bracket Trader. If there is an open position, Bracket Trader closes the position, if there is no open position, I guess nothing happens and it ignores the exit signal.

  6. Have you tested that? (sending an exit signal to BT when there is no open position).

  7. I haven't tested it.

  8. Nice to see others trying out Bracket Trader. I've made some video tutorials on it interfacing with Quotetracker.Good luck in your trading.

  9. you have written I'll post some AFL code to interface to BT

    Awaiting code


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