Sunday, September 6, 2009

Forex Volume

If you have traded forex for more than a day you will now that there is no volume data since there is no central exchange. There are ways to guess at volume, which by the way will help you even though its an approximation. Since trading isn't an exact science, any data for volume is better than no data. When volume is read on a chart, say for stocks, we look for increasing or decreasing levels, or a spike on a breakout, and not a particular number.... only comparisons.

Forex data can be derived from tick data. I use this right now, the number of price changes from the IB data stream is counted and added until the bar closes, the afl uses the ibc.getrealtimedata function.

You could also use forex futures volume data, Amibroker will let you do this easily, but the market hours aren't the same from what I understand. I've never looked into this, so don't consider this as fact.

I ran across a site where forex futures data is taken from the CME website reports that are posted and available via ftp. The website is call evolution. I read some post at forex factory and it seems the site has been up for a couple of years. There doesn't seem to be a huge following, (which is good if you ask me).

I'll be taking a closer look at the max volume levels for the past week and keep an eye on them. Use this with your support and resistance and we will probably find more clues to where the next bounce will happen.

Take a look and leave a comment here on the site, as well as your thoughts on forex volume.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Code Snippet - EOD Data

On the weekends many traders are looking over charts, some only do it on the weekends. They might place orders based on the charts they view. No matter what type of order you use, if you are using daily data, you may have noticed that sometimes you don't get all the current data for every symbol. Murphy's law says that the stock you interested in will be the one that is missing one days worth of quotes. A couple of times I have almost placed an order based on old data, but noticed something wasn't right when I logged into the trading software and noticed the last price was different. I wrote this piece of code to show up in the title when the last daily bar isn't the same as today's day. The code also considers Saturday and Sunday.

DownloadDate = LastValue(DateNum());
TodayDate = Now(3);
if(Now(9)== 7) DownloadDate = DownloadDate + 1;
if(Now(9)== 0) DownloadDate = DownloadDate + 2;
if(LastValue(DownloadDate) != TodayDate)
BarDateError = " *WARNING: Data NOT Current*";
BarDateError ="";

My title bar uses this code, which is where the value BarDateError is displayed.

Title = EncodeColor(colorLightBlue) + Name() + " " + FullName() +
EncodeColor(colorLightBlue) + " - " + Date() +
EncodeColor(colorBlue) + " O=" + O +
EncodeColor(colorLime) + " H=" + H +
EncodeColor(colorRed) +" L=" + L +
EncodeColor(colorBlue) + " C=" + C +
EncodeColor(colorYellow) + " ATR: " + Prec(ATR(6),4) + EncodeColor(colorWhite) +
" " + BarDateError;

Hope this helps you reduce errors, trading is hard enough without having to deal with oversights.


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