Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump - President Elect

Should we hold onto our comments about the President elect until he has had a chance to both address the nation and get his government rolling?  He isn't a big fan of the the media and keeps them at arms length.  I personally think the media are fairly useless nowadays - and I say that because they are having a hard time reporting without bias - reports are oozing with commentary and bias.

So the question to you - How long do we wait until we can start to feel comfortable or start to panic?  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Looking for a forex forum? - stay away from (SHF)

Long story short - The forum owner is rude and disrespectful to the members.  Steve and Milanese usually ban people before they have a chance to delete their membership!!  LOL - Yes, Milanese is just as bad, he seems to have a hard time reading the details of the English language which often gets the members into trouble with him - because his grasp on the English language is not very good!

Steve likes to think he is a bully, a big fish in a small pond.  It's humorous to read his words when you know he is an old man that teaches piano and "talks" to people like that.

I was banned before I could delete my membership.  Left on my own terms.  Copied all my important posts before I knowingly pissed off the old guy.  I know he has a shit life, but the forum members are not his therapist.

If there are any members or ex members that share anything, this is the place.

Here is some posts from previous members of SHF on another forums that talk about this lunatic.  These members have since joined bunkerforexforum.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Here are some thoughts, from me, on this election.  I welcome all comments, but be respectful.

  1. I am not surprised by Trump victory.  I am not surprised by the campaigning words of any of the politicians.  They say what they need to say to get votes - yes, it really is that simple.
  2. Thanks to CNN, the young generation are scared.  A bad combination when you scare people with lots of energy.
  3. I called the win at 9:30pm - Trump was winning from the word go - the New York times probability meter confirmed what I was thinking using mathematical algo's.  I also made some GREAT trades on election night trading NAS100 on MT4.  I also made GREAT trades today as the market tanked the day after.
  4. I'm a white male, to special interest and minorities, please stop telling me that I will be OK forever and my life is easy.  You don't even know me.  The fact is that stupid or lazy or dangerous or illegal comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.
  5. Hollywood support - don't care.  You are actors with lots of money.  I don't share you issues.  I typically vote the opposite of these people who are out of touch with the majority.  And when these very passionate people don't get their Hilary elected they want to abandon the country and move to Canada.  Label them greedy and selfish.  Katy Perry says "the revolution will come"?  Are you crazy, young people listen to you, professionals / adults shake their head.  
  6. I have watched many specials (1 hour specials) that are directly related to my speciality field (that I will not share with you) and the media screws it up beyond recognition.  Reporters went to school to write for the most part.  They don't know anything about my profession and the topic they report on. The experts they had on the program were not experts, their expertise was somewhat related but not enough to make their knowledge meaningful.  To many apparent experts and reporters are guessing.  Are you guessing or do you know!!!!!  
  7. What's up with this guy that says Trump victory is "White Lash"?  Huh?  Watching to much CNN buddy. 
  8. First meeting of Trump and Obama - CNN seems surprised that they didn't call each other names, that they got along.  WTF!!!  They are professionals.  They are very smart, smarter than you and I.  Holy CNN crap.  Imagine if the starter swinging, what do you think the public would do.  Why did they meet 1 on 1?  So they could talk without judgement and surprise.  This is serious business.
  9. Trump didn't let reporters on his plane on his way to the first meeting - Good job Donald.  Control the media.
  10. How long until Trump gets grey hair?
  11. Watch how trump changes his speeches now that he is elected.
  12. And the last thing I will say, to finish off this post is - Donald Trump will, at some point in his tenure, have the highest ratings of any president ever.  I said it first.


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