Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trading from work

There is a poll on the right side of the blog, "Do you trade from work?"
Do you? Take the poll.

If we take these results, we can see that 54% of the responders want or actually do access there trading account from work. Here is what I'm getting at; Does anyone want to see a video of how you can do this without the IT department knowing what your doing? There is nothing illegal here. You just have to know how technology works to be able to avoid the "tracking logs". Make no mistake, you will be a part of the log, but it wont show up that you are using TWS or WebTrader, or continually accessing your brokers web page.

You may be think, he is using a proxy server. No, that's not it, but close. So, do I have your attention? Take the poll first, then leave a comment.

Currently, this is what the poll looks like:


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