Sunday, October 18, 2009


The last post on EURUSD talked about some basics and a short update as price was playing with the trend line. I am currently long and I plan on holding for the ride.

From the weekly chart we can clearly see that price has entered an "air" zone, there is no meaningful resistance on the way up to the top of the yellow box.

Daily Chart - Long History
The last time price had to overcome resistance it popped through the orange trend line on the third attempt (yellow circle). Price followed the upward red trend line and is still following it. More on this line later on.... We just broke the blue trend line, and as it happens, on the third attempt just like the prior break. No we are into the yellow free air space.

Daily Chart - Closeup
Price just broke through the blue horizontal trend line, on the third attempt, same as the last horizontal trend line break. The pullback after the breakout above the orange horizontal trend line came to the upwards trend line and the 50% retracement. Note that it did not come back to the orange trend line, indicating a strong upward trend following the red line. Keep this in mind when looking to enter on the recent break.

The yellow area is the S/R "zone" from the weekly chart. It looks like we are clear for now. A good area to place a but LMT order would be at 1.4790 to 1.4844 for a low risk opportunity.

What's next?

Breaking the upward red trend line - This would only mean that the rate of increase or rise in price has slowed. Once it breaks through, look for it to come back to it and test it, then fall. No telling when this line will break.

Pullback - look for a pull back to the upward red trend line or the blue horizontal trend line. The best choice might be whichever one of those area also lines up with a fib level and a round number. I might even load up more on a pull back.

Be patient and wait for the pullback. If you need some help with pull backs watch this
Pullback Video.

Do you have a position right now? Are you planning on geting in on this move?

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