Thursday, July 5, 2007

Something new in Canada


I decided to do this blog after I got frustrated with the pattern day trading rules that govern the US markets. Basically, it does not allow excessive day trades for account under $25,000. I'm not there yet so I decided to stick to the TSX. Canadian markets are not faced with such craziness.


I'm not a big time trader expert trader but my belief is that emotions drive the market and the individual. Technical analysis can be done by anyone with a monkey brain. My approach to this blog is not as eloquent as "The f'n Fly" or pornographic as the Trading Goddess, or as technical as Alpha Trends, or as insightful as Trade Guild, or as torturous as Suck My NASDAQ. Don't get me wrong, I read all this shit every day.


I'll post a screen shot of my scans every night. You do the thinking. I'm not providing target or stops, just the stocks that fit the criteria. Why is this of any value to you, the poor trader who doesn't have 25K? Because there is limited resources on the net to scan the TSX. You can't scan for "The Rocket", "The Crash", the MA breaks without passing out money to some billionaire firm.

Even Stockolicous doesn't allow Canadian stocks, what are we, the USA's red headed step brother?

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  1. thats is why and for many reason , CANADA ROCKS!!....thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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