Sunday, July 29, 2007

News - The Word

A new contributor is on his way. Once we work out some details, "The Word" will be posting on TSXTrends blog. The only thing I can tell you right now is that he has long term induustry experience and is eager to share his experience.

I'm trying to create a blog that traders can come to and contribute without all the sign up, advertising, and crap that seems to be present in most web sites out there (except blogs). To me, it appears that Canadians are more greedy than Americans when it comes to "free" websites and data access. I use the word "greedy" because everything was free at one time, on the net. I was cruising the interent at a time when the typical internet access was to phone the local library to get an interent connection, or "freenet" as it was called. It sucked. Remeber Win 3.1?

Are there any readers that are daytraders on the TSX (or other CDN markets)? If so, spit me a comment. Would anyone find a chat window on this blog of any use?

UPDATE: "The Word"may be posting "Point and Figure"charts, among other traditional types of technical analysis. In addition, we may be reading something on Income trusts in the future.


  1. Windows 3.1 hell, I started on DOS and Windows blew in and changed the much smaller world then. ;-p

  2. I think it was a good thing Windows came along, those DOS apps were brutal. What an explosion of computers and apps since then!


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