Monday, July 16, 2007

Another filter to add from "Filtering Wall Street"

Another scan I will include is the MA cross over offered by FilteringWallStreet, now retired, who post(ed) on the cross over and the BOB (bounce off bottom). The link above gets you to a post where he explains how the cross over works.

Basically, it uses the 4, 8, and 21 EMA. When the open is below all three and the close is above all three, it's a buy signal, with the stop below the trigger candle.

Bullish Jim commented "I've been spending some time this weekend on backtests of a bunch of filters over the past two years. Your EMA 4, 8, 21 crossover is the only one worth beans over the two year period. Incidentally I'm starting to think the past six months is too low a hurdle for testing. It seems like everything I come up with tests well over that period."

Here is the stock fetcher code;
show stocks where close is between 15 and 35
and average volume(90) > 500000
and open <> ema(21)
and close > ema(4)
and close > ema(8)
and close > open
and close 3 days ago < ema(21)
and close 5 days ago < close 3 days ago
and close 5 days ago < ema(90)
and add column atr(10)and sort on column 5 ascending

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