Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scan of NASDAQ and short interest

Tonight I ran a scan of the NASDAQ looking for stocks that are in one of two categories, the same criteria used in the last video I posted. There is one addition, I have added the short interest to the output (not used in the filter, just displayed on the output)

1. 10 day MA > 20 day MA > 50 day MA and 50 day MA rising
2. 10 day MA < 20 day MA < 50 day MA and 50 day MA falling

Other filters are in there as well, simple things like today cannot be the highest high in the past 5 days, the 20 day avg volume has to be more than 200K, today cannot be the lowest low over the past 5 days. This is trying to catch a basic pull back, or a stock correcting over time in a range. Here is the link to the spreadsheet with the scan. In the video I explain the san results.

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  1. Hi, nice code. I'm an AB user and have been looking for a way to trade from the charts. Have you shared the code somewhere? Thanks in advance.


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