Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly Nasdaq Scan

Keep an eye on these stocks as the week progresses. This scan includes the short interest ratio and the increase in shorts from the last reporting period. Short positions are reported bi-monthly, see the link on the right for more information, it takes you to the NASDAQ Short Interest page. As a stock reaches new highs the shorts will start to feel the pain and some are forced to cover for a variety of reason, including margin calls. This gives the upward move more fuel, try to ride the tide. Here is the spreadsheet for the Nasdaq SI Scan Aug 24 2008.
Compared to last week, there are allot fewer shorts that show up on this list, and the number of stocks that have increased in shorts are far less. Does that signal a turn around?


  1. I have been looking for total market short interest, open interest and margin debt. Wondering what data supplier you are using and if they have the other two that I am looking for.


  2. I use Yahoo, Amibroker downloads the data. I write some afl code in Ami to manipulate the data. See next post.

  3. If you're doing this sort of thing for a living, then you need more timely information.

    Here's a site that provides that for a nominal cost:

    [I only trade futures so I have no idea how good there numbers actually are. Try and track them for awhile and see if it's worth it.]


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