Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Short Interest and the Short Squeeze

The NASDAQ web site allows you to take a look at the short positions over the past year or so by semi monthly data. This data is posted twice a month and is also available on Yahoo. I download this into Amibroker, sort it, scan it, and out comes the short data. The filtering I do involves the positions of the moving averages. The 10 above the 20 above the 50. I'll look at each of these and buy on strength anticipating a break out with a tight stop in case the breakout fails.
Here is the data for the last part of July, the new number will be available in a few days. When the new numbers come out I'll post the scan again. I can also run the scan every weekend to see what stocks look like the might advance. If you don't know what a short squeeze is, Google it.

The thing to remember here is that the high short interest is not the only reason to get involved in the stock but it sure helps fuel it to new heights. This scan picks stocks that have momentum and are poised to advance. You can get the excel version by clicking the image.

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