Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trendline Trading

I have updated my code to include a trailing stop. When I see a possible set up, I can now set the "Study" in Amibroker to send two complete orders to IB. The first has a defined target and stop, better known as a bracket order. The second submits a buy at the same price with only a trailing stop. This will get me a quick profit and also let an order run with the price. Here is the window I use (Param window) to set it up.

I'm considering sending the order once I set up the lines, that way it's sitting on the IB system. Currently the order is triggered with the real time data on my screen, then sent to IB. There are advantages to both, not sure what the better way to do this is. I'm getting the hang of trend lines, and trading 15 minute bars with tight stops just doesn't work. Using the hourly with small position sizes and wider stops is the way to go, compared to what I have been doing. What have I been doing? Using a 10 pip target and stop. I'm figuring out the best method to obtain a positive result using STOCH and a 5 EMA of the highs, and a 5 EMA of the lows. The success rate is pretty good with the 15 minute chart. I have also added some code as a count down bar timer, this is good to have when scalping for 10 pips. Here is what my screen looks like even trying to keep the clutter down. Below I'll explain the screen shot.

The colored bars are a system in itself, I don't use the signals for automation, I use it for "watching the screen trading"
I set up the "Study" lines, green for buy, red for short, as solid lines. When the order is triggered the profit and stop lines turn grey, this tells me the lines are not active and locked out. I can also go to the menu and press "Lock-Out" so a trade will not be triggered for buy or short. I can also select "scale-out" to use the trailing stop feature. With more options comes more clutter. The plan is to figure out what suits me best, suits my style best and remove everything else.

Right now I'm scalping some evening (EST) USD.JPY and setting up night time trades for EUR.USD. So far it's break even with real money. This blog is one way to record how I'm doing instead of keeping a log. Perhaps my next posts will describe some trades, both good and bad, so I can track what my thoughts were and what worked. Haven't decided on that yet.

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