Friday, March 21, 2008

A Trading System

Much has been written on trading systems. I have tried many and found that the advice given by most honest traders is fitting, that is, the system has to fit well with the person. One such system is shown in the screen shot below. I was reading the latest post by Rich over at Forex Project and the comment section began a long topic of systems discussion. It was a discussion about trading systems and one trader offered up his charts. The discussion is very interesting, and should be read. I noticed that the chart looked familiar to one I use. All I really had to do was change the period variable. Read it here - Want To Buy a Forex Trading System?

I don't use this systems now, I stick to S/R and a 5 period EMA on the 1H or 4H charts. The top chart is mine, the lower chart is from the post at Forex Project.

This particular chart is from comment No. 16.

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System posted and discussed at Forex Project.

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