Friday, August 31, 2007

Trading System Update

Still working on my system using Amibroker. Here are a few things that I've tried, the work continues.

  • I've incorporated Heiken Ashi charts for visual representation of trends.
  • I'm now using a plug in dll for stops. It's called REM, and it's available on the yahoo Amibroker groups.
  • I'm using FOREX data to test with since there are hardly any gaps. The downfall is that there is also no volume info available. But since I'm not using any volume related indicators, it's OK.
  • Trying to incorporate the IB Controller plug in. It allows the buy & sell signals generated within Amibroker to transmit order to Interactive Brokers TWS application for placing orders. Wave files can also be triggered to tell you what is going on without watching the screen. It's not quite there yet. I'm using the paper trading account to test this functionality.
  • I have incorporated signals from a Zero Lag indicator. It give similar signals compared to Stochastic but a bit earlier. I got this indy from Mike, the admin, uses 5 indy's and Heiken Ashi charts for trading the emini. His system looks like it works but he doesn't advertise his loosing trades too much so who really knows.
  • I continue to struggle with finding something that can do better than 5 to 10% CAR (compound annual return) . This may be some setting in my code to do with positioning size or something so I'll have to examine that.

The struggle continues. Overall, this is harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully I'll have something in a week or two.

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