Sunday, November 11, 2012

The sound of the market

Ever wondered what the market would "sound" like?

Even if you don't find this Indicator useful for your day-to-day trading, it's interesting to listen to it for a while.

On Forex Factory, under the thread called "Scalping With Sound", I found this gem.  (You'll have to sign up to get these files).

I installed this on the MT4 platform, on a Windows 7 machine.  A little crazy to get it to work but I finally manage it.  The trick was to select the new sound files, right click properties, and "Unblock" the files.

This is an indicator, so you put the "rooicol - Market Pace.ex4" file in the MT4/experts/indicators directory.  Put the sound files in MT4/sounds.  Then you re-start MT4.

Here is what I mean by "unblock".  You need to do it for each file.  It might work doing it once for the zip file after download.

Listen to the ticks as price reaches support, resistance, supply, demand, or whatever you call it in your world.  The ticks will stop, silence..... If price breaks this area (rising for example) and shoots up, the ticks go crazy.  If price backs off, you hear price getting smacked down, then slowly rising again.

Listen when the market is busy, I bet it sounds busy on a news release!

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