Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tipster Trendlines for MT4

I use Amibroker and IB to trade, I place trades right off the charts.  Over the years I've developed AFL code (that's Amibroker language) to allow me to trade off the charts. Now that I'm also using MT4 for some of my trading, I was looking for something similar but haven't found it. So I've begun to code my own. Here are some of the EA's I've considered using on the MT4 platform, but just don't suit me;
  • TrendMeLeaveMe (TMLM)
  • iDRAW
  • Graphic Expert Advisor: AutoGraf
  • EASY
The AFL code for Tipster Trendlines is for sale up at the top right of the blog.  The code for MT4 is free.
Here is an overview of the Expert Advisor (EA) called Tipster Trendlines;

  • The EA draws the lines automatically, place the 3 lines for the trade, press F7, select Order type, set Live to true.  Review other options for EA and close the EA Properties. Adjust lines as required, EA will update prices.   
  • When trade is closed, EA locks out. Press F7 and reset, then delete all objects or one of the trendlines.
  • Turn EA OFF before closing a trade or deleteing an order manually.
  • When order is closed by the EA, a screenshot is saved in experts/files"
  • Set up email in the MT4 Options, to receive updates of EA actions 
  • When an order is placed or live trade, it doesnt matter what Ordertype is set to in EA properties 
  • OK to use for multiple charts. To trade same symbol on two charts, use different MagicNumbers.
Here's an overview video

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