Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BOJ Intervention

What happens when a countries bank intervenes on the currency market? This happens...

107 pips in 10 minutes USDJPY
218 pips in 3 hours USDJPY

USDJPY 1 Minute Chart

I was lucky on this one, real lucky. I had an order in on two different pairs and got in right at the bottom of the move.

For this trade, I waited for price to breakout of the down sloping trendline, then placed an order to buy when it returned to the same line. The little arrows on the chart is the pending buy limit order changing with each new bar. Timing is everything? I think it was just luck this time.

This trade was planned days before the event. I watched price approach the trendline and thought about cancelling the order as a move this fast was sure to run out of energy. I quickly looked at the forex calendar for news releases and there was none. Then I checked headlines, BOJ intervention confirmed. I left it to enter and was rewarded.

The red lines on the chart are my stops that were moved up to trail price action. I had to call it a night so I moved it closer. Nice!.

Final result:
EURJPY 229 pips captured
USDJPY 66 pips captured

It doesn't really matter WHY at the moment, trade what you see. This morning I found out WHY. BOJ stuffed 17 billion into the currency market, and really the only currency that moved were the JPY crosses.

Did anyone else make any pips? Let's hear your story.

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