Sunday, June 27, 2010

Metatrader Forex Data and back testing

I finally found a source for free forex data that is complete, and FREE!

Here is the link to the file - Metatrader Free Forex Data

And the recommended set-up to back test your EA on MT4, follow this link

Set up for back test

There are other helpfull articles on that website also. I took a look at the two systems they are offering for sale and they don't fit my style. I like smooth equity curves. One of the systems has a 30% win rate, I like small gains with high win rates.


  1. Wow, you discovered Metatrader! Congratulations on being the last Forex trader on the planet to do so.

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  4. Actually, I didn't just discover it, I hesitated becuase Ami is more powerful (AFL vs MTQ). I would really prefer Ami to trade forex but the interface is a bit clunky, MT is so clean. The backtesting is pretty crappy but fast to get working.

  5. check out for a FREE MT4 spread indicator!!!

  6. great post, if you do a lot of back testing check out they got some great tools

  7. Very interesting topic here in your site. Keep on posting this kind of topics. Very useful indeed.

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    Liza Curinto
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