Monday, February 2, 2009

Who is TMK?

Quite a bit of testosterone stirred up over at The Market Kid (TMK) blog. If your not familiar with this blog, it's written by someone, nobody really knows who, that claims to be a kid. Some speculate that he or she is a high school student. "Kid" probably refers to a kid of the market, a child, a constant learner, anybody follow me here with this?

What's he do?
TMK posts penny stock picks, basically following the Timothy Sykes program. Look for shitty stocks that move up quickly on no news or bullcrap from the forums and look to short when they fizzle out. Sure, pennies can be a bit risky, and that's why you should have your money management system in place and following it. Pennies can be fun to play and profitable but you need to set up your rules and play the game to the rules or your going to get hammered like a hockey player with his head down crossing the blue line. ... game over, lights out.

Is there anything to learn from this "TMK" blog? Sure there is. Look up some of TMK's past picks and judge for yourself. Even better, use the past picks and make some rules up, then simulate the trades. ya ya, no shares available, whatever... the point here is you can use the blog to grease your wheels.... do your own work... but it sure is easier having someone narrow down the thousands of stocks to sift through.

Is he a fraud?
You might care, I don't. We all trade differently, we all judge people differently. If someone were to take the posts, which are apparently the result of scans and preliminary manual chart scans by eye, and put their own trading strategy to work on them, and found some they could actually trade, and make a profit from the posts, who gives a rats ass who the hell TMK is? Not sure about you, but I'm in this for the money, and to learn about myself and how i react to in different market conditions (think trade journal)

What the point?
I want to make money trading, not friends, not enemies, not contacts, just cash. Who is MKT? Who gives a crap, but whoever writes the post isn't a teenage high school nerd. This person has some market insight and has either taken a course or two, spent hours reading through all the bull on the Internet, or is old enough to have been in the game for a while. TMK has probably watched the Sykes videos a few times, and read his books. There are legitimate blogs on the net by people that makes money day in and day out, and I ask you, do you trade their picks ? and make money from them? do you lose money also?

You are the master of your account. You are the master of your mouse. You are the master of your mouth. Do whatever you want. Blow up your account. Read blogs repeadadliy that you dont like. Blast your mouth off like anyone else values your opinion, to make sure everyone knows that YOU are RIGHT!! We all crave to be right, and isn't that why most people do terrible in the market?

I'm too busy trying to take some coin out of the market to give a rats ass about MKT's personal life or the comments some of his reader leave. When I sift through the comments, I simply look for MKT and read that part.... but sometimes the filth gets interesting, and we all like to read that crap sometimes, don't we?

Remember this
When the bell rings, your not my friend, I'm trying to take your money.

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