Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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If your looking for the latest TT2P Tipster Trendlines demo or looking to join a really good forum look no further.  Bunker Forex Forum is where I spend my time now. I'm posting all my EA's and tools there from this point forward.

I still occasionally look over the Tipster Trendlines thread at Forex Factory.  I left SteveHopWoodForex forum (SHF) and asked that my posts be deleted.

If your smart you'll join Bunker Forum and enjoy it!  

Pipmasher PPoS, and other MT4 Expert Advisors, Indicators and really nice environment awaits you.  

The EA's I post are multi-pair, so you simply drop it on a single chart.  The chart will even set itself up for you and grab more history if required.

If you are interested in CrossFader I have taken my CrossFader Gold and Crossfader Olympic and turned into multi-pair, added some great features for protection, and adjusted the way it trades.  The EA isn't even close to the first version it was modelled after, CF7SR.  With all the additional features and methods it's now called Snatch.  After SHF deleted the entire Crossfader forum as a result of a knee jerk reaction to the thread started (and taken my sub-thread out as collateral damage by accident), I have not shared this EA since.  

To get all this and a bunch of well rounded trader friends, I hope to you will join me at

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