Monday, March 16, 2015

US OIL, CHF, and Russia

The 2014 Olympics closing ceremony was on February 23, 2014.

Ever since the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics when Russia made the move on Cremia, the big boys (world leaders) were not very happy.  

After a while Russia's economy took a hit because of steps the rest of the world was taking (I'm not going into detail here).  Trying to regulate money flow in/out of Russia, and other things.....

Then oil started to move.  Russia exports lots of oil, something like 68% is oil. "We can make Russia feel some pain, let's lower the price of crude!"

This is a monthly chart of US OIL, in my MT4 platform where I use Tipster Trendlines to chart trade.  You can see much of the same with the ETF UCO.

June 15 it started to decline, and Sept 28, 2014 it broke demand and went down hard to where we are today.  

I wonder how much Putin has in Swiss banks?  I wonder if the CHF currency jolt had anything to do with Russia or its leader?  I can't really see why there is any relation but once almost never know (until 50 years later).

Here's the RUB CHF chart

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