Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MultiCharts Discretionary Trader – Gonzo

I downloaded MultiCharts Discretionary Trader a while back and installed it.  It took me a little while to get around to testing it.  It’s a free version of the platform.
It’s prefect for the way I trade, from the charts.  It connects to many many brokers, including IB’s TWS.  It can place brackets and fades, trailing stops, etc. with ease.  It shows all of this on the chart, very very nice.  What’s the catch?
Well, it was introduced on Feb 1, 2011 and discontinued on March 19, 2012.  Here is the post from them that announces the end of the free-bee.
Quite a marketing scam isn’t it.
Here is a blog post or two that tells you all about the chart trading feature.
Post 1
Post 2
I still have the installation file on my PC, and I’m still testing it with TWS.  Try looking for a torrent if you need the file.  Go to your favourite site, like pirate bay and put this in the search field *multicharts*



  1. The whole software is a buggy scam. Never trust Russians.

    Also read this thread http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=7039525a87dd31d5f514c6fa86eca563&threadid=238586

    A few days after the first post they stopped the MC DT. lol

  2. I might be married to a Russian. Did you really mean to say don't trust anyone but your family and your best friend? The software still works but I don't particularly like the way it places orders. It waits until a fill before it sends the bracket order, and that's a dangerous game. At least you did your homework and tested it before you committed your money to real trades (didn't you?). In closing, I don't trust anyone with my money except myself.

  3. the DOM window is known as the Order Book. It offers a lot of functionality, that you may not have seen on other platforms


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