Saturday, November 10, 2007

The World keeps me away

Over the past few years I have travelled to remote places within Canada and some foreign countries, a mixture of exotic and warm, rich and populated, and to various third world nations. The last place I happened to be was Panama.

Quick summary of the "look and feel" of Panama City: Poor nation trying to develop, US money is pouring in, the rich areas have a high Jewish population, perhaps baby boomers are looking to retire, I hear the weather is a allot like Miami the whole year around. It was too humid for me.

A few months ago I watched a documentary on the Panama canal. It was very interesting, and there is much more to the story than just a canal. Being from Ontario, Canada, locks don't thrill me much, we have tons of them. While in Panama I did go see the canal, but more to see the size of the ships and the little tugs on rails along the side of the canal that pull the boats along, making sure they don't hit the side. The boats actually use their own engines, and are captained by a guy that works for the canal.
There have been allot of new condos and office towers built over the past 5 years. There are even more under construction right now. "The Donald", Trump that is, is putting up a sixty something tower. Here a a few shots of Panama.

Why am am telling the Internet about this trip? Because I haven't had allot of time to work on my system or study FOREX in any great detail. I actually forgot why I did some of the stuff in the code. Travelling takes it toll. This is all I have to offer, and I thought it was interesting.

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