Monday, June 13, 2022

MT4 SIgnal

Friday, June 10, 2022

Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price (AVWAP) Indicator for MT4

Welcome to the Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price Indicator, also known as A-VWAP, AVWAP, Anchored VWAP. 

VWAP is calculated by multiplying typical price by volume, and the dividing by total volume. It's different from a typical moving average since it incorporates volume into the calculation. This technique was made popular by Brian Shannon of Alphatrends. It is very simple to use for your analysis. 

The indiator is available on the site.

How the indicator works

1. Select a number from 1 to 9 on the keyboard. 
2. Click the mouse on the chart at the location you have selected to anchor the VWAP. The AVWAP line will be automatically drawn. 
3. Select another different number on the keyboard and click the chart in another location to draw another line. Each number will produce a different coloured line. To clear all the lines, press CNTL (control key) and click the chart. When you switch timeframes the chart will be clear of previously drawn AVWAP lines. 

Additional AVWAP Information

The Anchored VWAP is calculated using the same formula as traditional VWAP. The only difference is in the bars that are included in the calculations. With traditional VWAP, the calculation starts with the first bar of the day and ends with the last bar of the day. Because it only incorporates one trading day of data, traditional VWAP can only be used on intraday charts. With Anchored VWAP, the chartist chooses the first bar to use in the calculation (“anchoring” the indicator to that bar), and the last bar is always the most recent bar available. 

Because of the more flexible starting and ending points, Anchored VWAP is not limited to intraday charts. Like traditional VWAP, the Anchored VWAP overlay can be used to confirm trends and identify areas of support and resistance on the chart. 

The advantage of using Anchored VWAP is that you can set the starting point in order to include only relevant data on your chart. Typically, the chartist chooses a particular event as the starting price bar for the overlay: a significant high or low, an earnings announcement, a gap, etc. These events generally signal a change in market psychology, and the price action prior to that change should be excluded from the calculations since it doesn't reflect the same market psychology. 

Anchored VWAP provides all the same benefits of traditional VWAP in defining support and resistance levels, with the added advantage that you can pinpoint the exact timeframe to study. Starting VWAP calculations at the time of a significant turning point allows you to exclude price action that was driven by a different market psychology. As with all technical indicators, traders should use the Anchored VWAP overlay in conjunction with other indicators and analysis techniques.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

The Stream

Days since the revised streaming rezumed

Friday, July 30, 2021

SInce we began

 This timer started counting on Tuesday July 29, 2016 at 18:00 EST. It is counting the days since we began.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stockbee and Amibroker

Do any readers use Amibroker to do analysis, specifically with the Stockbee scans?

Tipster Trendlines - Amibroker

Who wants Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker for FREE?

Comment on this post....

Friday, January 17, 2020

Market - are you in or out?

As of today, I don't own any stocks except for bond ETF's which are stable.
IWM just ran up to a wall of supply. Apple is parabolic. Gold is moving. Not saying there is a crsh coming, just taking lots of profits off the table and waiting for a sale.
So if you hold stocks next week, I hope the market crashes on you and I will step in and buy all your shares

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Renko MT4 EA

Are you looking for a Renko Expert Advisor (EA) for Mt4 that tardes Gld XAUUSD?
Here's one that makes a great profit, check it out. This ins'nt a marketing scam, just real people making real EA's with hard work and dedication

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Where are we headed?

When to go flat
Use IWM chart, it's the only chart you need to see major market turning points

We're still headed UP - we are in an uptrend. It DOES NOT MATTER WHY. Just buy the dips, put in your stops, and buy the next dip. As your trades increase in profit your marhin will also increase, so buy more. It snowballs.

Raise your stops - trail. When you are flat from stops, take a look at the bigger chart, the daily and 4 hour IWM. Plan your next move ahead of time.

I'm long NAS100 now, since it is at all time highs, I'm using IWM for direction.

Stay tuned

MT4 Info

There is TickPIP, and Point. They are all different in general. A tick is the smallest change of price. A Point is the least significant digit quoted. In currencies a pip is defined as 0.0001 (or for JPY 0.01)
On a 4 digit broker a point (0.0001) = pip (0.0001). [JPY 0.01 == 0.01] On a 5 digit broker a point (0.00001) = 1/10 pip (0.00010/10). Just because you quote an extra digit doesn't change the value of a pip. (0.0001 == 0.00010) EA's must adjust pips to points (for mq4.) In currencies a tick is a point. Price can change by least significant digit (1.23456 -> 1.23457)
In metals a Tick is still the smallest change but is larger than a point. If price can change from 123.25 to 123.50, you have a TickSize of 0.25 and a point of 0.01. Pip has no meaning.
This is why you don't use TickValue by itself. Only as a ratio with TickSize. See DeltaValuePerLot()

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Market is going down?

It sure is!  And it will continue to go down.  Sell your stuff and enter in another year.
Trade a reverse ETF or sell the ES futures.
Here is a chart that I'm following (by me) that you can take a look at.


SPY headed DOWN DOWN DOWN by AnotherBrian on

Friday, October 26, 2018


UPRO is an ETF.  A 3x S&P 500 ETF.

UPRO Chat Room

I day traded it twice and am liking it.  Today I made more in 2 hours than I did all day at work.

I was inspired to use the "Active Trader" buttons in my Questrade IQ platform, by this guy in this video.  I typically use limit order, even when daytrading and found it to be to time consuming.  So after today, YES - this is my other method for very short trades.

If you day trade SPY or UPRO or any other of the SPY related ETF's, you should drop by the stock twits chat room and say hi.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Todays trades were stellar.

Buy at the the open, then sold.  Shorted and covered at the bottom.  Then buy, sold near the close.  Was flat then open a small position for the overnight shock.

You can trade Namaste on the TSX as N.VN or the OTC as NXTTF

Come to this chat room to trade pot stocks. swing or day trade.

Here are the trades for today

Pot Stocks

Pot Stocks are all the rage.  If you day trade or swing trade these stocks you should join us in the stock twits chat room.

We talk about stocks such as

  • ABBV AbbVie Inc.
  • TAP Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • WEED.TO Canopy Growth Corporation
  • TLRY Tilray, Inc.
  • ACB.TO Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • CGC Canopy Growth Corporation
  • ACBFF Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals plc
  • APH.TO Aphria Inc.
  • SMG The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
  • CRON Cronos Group Inc.
  • TRST.TO CannTrust Holdings Inc.
  • TGOD.TO The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.
  • HYYDF HEXO Corp.
  • TGODF The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.
  • CNTTF CannTrust Holdings Inc.
  • CRBP Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.
  • NBEV New Age Beverages Corporation
  • TRTC Terra Tech Corp.
  • HYG.TO Hydrogenics Corporation CANN
  • General Cannabis Corp MJ ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF
  • N.VN or NXXTF Namaste Technologies Inc.
  • HEXO HEXO Corp
  • Village Farms International (TSX:VFF)
  • Cronos Group (TSX:CRON)
  • Med Pharmaceuticals (TSX:IN)
  • Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Timer for a Goal

 This timer started counting on Tuesday July 10, 2018 at 09:30 EST.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tipster Trendlines New Home

Trade Forex!

If you are looking for Tipster Trendlines

the famous MT4 EA has a new home.

Here is the link to the Tipster Trendlines topics

A quick video to show you how helpful 
this EA will be in your toolbax is available.  
Watch the 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tipster Trendlines for MT4 price has been reduced!!

Use this amazing Expert Advisor to place your manual trades.  The EA will manage the trades for you.  Amazing sloped line trailing stop and tons more features!!  Get it today while the price is still low low low!!

Get Tipster Trendiness Here - Before it's too late!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tipster Trendlines is now ON SALE!!

Regular price is $79, now on sale for $49, that's 25% off.

Own it today and make better trades!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump - President Elect

Should we hold onto our comments about the President elect until he has had a chance to both address the nation and get his government rolling?  He isn't a big fan of the the media and keeps them at arms length.  I personally think the media are fairly useless nowadays - and I say that because they are having a hard time reporting without bias - reports are oozing with commentary and bias.

So the question to you - How long do we wait until we can start to feel comfortable or start to panic?  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Looking for a forex forum? - stay away from (SHF)

Long story short - The forum owner is rude and disrespectful to the members.  Steve and Milanese usually ban people before they have a chance to delete their membership!!  LOL - Yes, Milanese is just as bad, he seems to have a hard time reading the details of the English language which often gets the members into trouble with him - because his grasp on the English language is not very good!

Steve likes to think he is a bully, a big fish in a small pond.  It's humorous to read his words when you know he is an old man that teaches piano and "talks" to people like that.

I was banned before I could delete my membership.  Left on my own terms.  Copied all my important posts before I knowingly pissed off the old guy.  I know he has a shit life, but the forum members are not his therapist.

If there are any members or ex members that share anything, this is the place.

Here is some posts from previous members of SHF on another forums that talk about this lunatic.  These members have since joined bunkerforexforum.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Here are some thoughts, from me, on this election.  I welcome all comments, but be respectful.

  1. I am not surprised by Trump victory.  I am not surprised by the campaigning words of any of the politicians.  They say what they need to say to get votes - yes, it really is that simple.
  2. Thanks to CNN, the young generation are scared.  A bad combination when you scare people with lots of energy.
  3. I called the win at 9:30pm - Trump was winning from the word go - the New York times probability meter confirmed what I was thinking using mathematical algo's.  I also made some GREAT trades on election night trading NAS100 on MT4.  I also made GREAT trades today as the market tanked the day after.
  4. I'm a white male, to special interest and minorities, please stop telling me that I will be OK forever and my life is easy.  You don't even know me.  The fact is that stupid or lazy or dangerous or illegal comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.
  5. Hollywood support - don't care.  You are actors with lots of money.  I don't share you issues.  I typically vote the opposite of these people who are out of touch with the majority.  And when these very passionate people don't get their Hilary elected they want to abandon the country and move to Canada.  Label them greedy and selfish.  Katy Perry says "the revolution will come"?  Are you crazy, young people listen to you, professionals / adults shake their head.  
  6. I have watched many specials (1 hour specials) that are directly related to my speciality field (that I will not share with you) and the media screws it up beyond recognition.  Reporters went to school to write for the most part.  They don't know anything about my profession and the topic they report on. The experts they had on the program were not experts, their expertise was somewhat related but not enough to make their knowledge meaningful.  To many apparent experts and reporters are guessing.  Are you guessing or do you know!!!!!  
  7. What's up with this guy that says Trump victory is "White Lash"?  Huh?  Watching to much CNN buddy. 
  8. First meeting of Trump and Obama - CNN seems surprised that they didn't call each other names, that they got along.  WTF!!!  They are professionals.  They are very smart, smarter than you and I.  Holy CNN crap.  Imagine if the starter swinging, what do you think the public would do.  Why did they meet 1 on 1?  So they could talk without judgement and surprise.  This is serious business.
  9. Trump didn't let reporters on his plane on his way to the first meeting - Good job Donald.  Control the media.
  10. How long until Trump gets grey hair?
  11. Watch how trump changes his speeches now that he is elected.
  12. And the last thing I will say, to finish off this post is - Donald Trump will, at some point in his tenure, have the highest ratings of any president ever.  I said it first.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Forex Forum

If your looking for the latest TT2P Tipster Trendlines demo or looking to join a really good forum look no further.  Bunker Forex Forum is where I spend my time now. I'm posting all my EA's and tools there from this point forward.

I still occasionally look over the Tipster Trendlines thread at Forex Factory.  I left SteveHopWoodForex forum (SHF) and asked that my posts be deleted.

If your smart you'll join Bunker Forum and enjoy it!  

Pipmasher PPoS, and other MT4 Expert Advisors, Indicators and really nice environment awaits you.  

The EA's I post are multi-pair, so you simply drop it on a single chart.  The chart will even set itself up for you and grab more history if required.

If you are interested in CrossFader I have taken my CrossFader Gold and Crossfader Olympic and turned into multi-pair, added some great features for protection, and adjusted the way it trades.  The EA isn't even close to the first version it was modelled after, CF7SR.  With all the additional features and methods it's now called Snatch.  After SHF deleted the entire Crossfader forum as a result of a knee jerk reaction to the thread started (and taken my sub-thread out as collateral damage by accident), I have not shared this EA since.  

To get all this and a bunch of well rounded trader friends, I hope to you will join me at

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Market Calls

As the internet gets older, there is a growing history recorded for us to look back on.
For example, look at the market call on this web page

This guy couldn't have been any more wrong.  "The market is breaking down" - then it took off 3 years!! 

If these people lead a subscription based service, they should go back and delete pages when they are wrong, or stop posting market calls.  Some of these people are apparent market experts!  Hahaha!

Have you noticed any similar calls?  Post them below in the comments!

Friday, December 25, 2015

MyFxBook Stats

The help section doesn't tell you too much about the stats given on the history tab of your trades, shown below.

Here's what I 'think' they mean...

Time Profitable:  This is in pips but equivalent to the account currency, not pips of the trade.
Drawdown: In account currency pips, converter from the pair you traded
Max:106.7 pips, This is the BEST watermark (high for buy, low for sell)
Min: -38.9 pips, This is the WORST watermark (worst DD in pips that the trade experienced)
Profit Missed: Closed price to high watermark
Entry Accuracy: 
Exit Accuracy: 

I look at the Min and Max numbers mostly to determine stop and target settings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tipster Trendlines Demo

The demo mentioned in the previous post has been updated with a new expiry date.

Click the date to get the demo.

January 1, 2016

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tipster Trendlines DEMO

You can get a demo copy of Tipster Trendlines to try out.

The only restrictions are;

  • minimum lot size is used, you cannot change the lot size
  • will work on demo accounts only (will not work on alive account)
  • it will expire on date Aug 1 2015
It does not work on the weekend, you will need a tick generator to make the EA execute.

Demo is on this page

Friday, May 22, 2015

See this link for my forex signals.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HH LL and Trends

Here is a video that simplifies trends.  You might find it useful.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Forex Volume

I did this post some time ago, and while re-reading it I realised that I don't use volume on MT4.  Apart from it being inaccurate on the MT4 platform, it's not part of my strategy.  MT4 volume uses the aggregate volume from the broker you use.  So it tells you what retail traders are doing, not banks.  I use price action and Tipster Trendlines to place the trades at supply and demand.  Sam Seiden method of Trading Academy, I'm sure you've heard of him?

Monday, March 16, 2015

US OIL, CHF, and Russia

The 2014 Olympics closing ceremony was on February 23, 2014.

Ever since the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics when Russia made the move on Cremia, the big boys (world leaders) were not very happy.  

After a while Russia's economy took a hit because of steps the rest of the world was taking (I'm not going into detail here).  Trying to regulate money flow in/out of Russia, and other things.....

Then oil started to move.  Russia exports lots of oil, something like 68% is oil. "We can make Russia feel some pain, let's lower the price of crude!"

This is a monthly chart of US OIL, in my MT4 platform where I use Tipster Trendlines to chart trade.  You can see much of the same with the ETF UCO.

June 15 it started to decline, and Sept 28, 2014 it broke demand and went down hard to where we are today.  

I wonder how much Putin has in Swiss banks?  I wonder if the CHF currency jolt had anything to do with Russia or its leader?  I can't really see why there is any relation but once almost never know (until 50 years later).

Here's the RUB CHF chart

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Compound your profits

Every year hundreds and thousands of new traders come into the forex arena looking for riches, trading 24 hours a day shooting for 50% a week and find their accounts blown within the month, most of which become too demoralised to ever even consider depositing more funds and pulling the trigger on another trade, their trading career is over before it had even begun.

Those that become successful long term traders understand the power of compounding gains for huge eventual profits, they start small, aim low and believe it will all pay off in the future, however most human beings are born with a natural greed, an emotion that runs so strong in most people's veins that the thought of 2 - 3% a week sends shivers down their spine and they become part of the above club, the 95% of unsuccessful traders.

As fun as it is to dream of doubling your money every fortnight it is important to be realistic of what to expect in terms of profit in both the short and the long term, the reality is a consistent weekly gain of 2 - 3% over the period of a year is no easy feat for even the best of traders however it is achievable for the few successful traders.

To most the idea of making a 2 - 3% weekly gain isn't all that exciting, especially when compared to claims of 20,30 and even 40% returns a week that are often thrown around on the internet but the moment we add compounding into the equation those small weekly figures can amass to some huge yet realistic sums of money.

For those that don't understand the concept of compounding gains or interest it is the exponential growth of a sum of money by continuously reinvesting all profits, so although the profit percentage remains the same the actual sum of money grows at a very rapid rate.

As a very basic example lets assume we have $1000 in our trading account.
If we were to make a 10% return every month for a year and not re-invest any of it we would have made a 120% return equating to $1200.

If however we compound our gains every month we will end up with a much larger sum which i'll demonstrate below.

month 1 - 1,000 + 10% = 1,100
month 2 - 1,100 + 10% = 1,210
month 3 - 1,210 + 10% = 1,331
month 4 - 1,331 + 10% = 1,464
month 5 - 1,464 + 10% = 1,610
month 6 - 1,610 + 10% = 1,771
month 7 - 1,771 + 10% = 1,948
month 8 - 1,948 + 10% = 2,143
month 9 - 2,143 + 10% = 2,357
month 10 - 2,357 + 10% = 2,593
month 11 - 2,593 + 10% = 2,853
month 12 - 2,853 + 10% = 3,138

Total gain in percentage - 213.8%
Total monetary gain - $2,138

Now lets take it one step further by using our yearly return and compounding over a 7 year period with a starting balance of $1000

Year 1 - 1,000 + 213.8% = 3,138
year 2 - 3,138 + 213.8% = 9,847
year 3 - 9,847 + 213.8% = 30,900
year 4 - 30,900 + 213.8% = 96,964
year 5 - 96,964 + 213.8% = 304,273
year 6 - 304,273 + 213.8% = 954,811
year 7 - 954,811 + 213.8% = 2,996,198

Total gain in percentage - 299519.8%
Total monetary gain - $2,995,198

How is that for a retirement plan?  7 year plan.

Now I think I can safely say that would be extremely impressive to anybody!
With the power of compounding gains figures like that eventually become realistic in the long term if you can remain consistently profitable at even 2 - 3% a week!
So if you really want to be successful aim for 2% a week instead of 20%, compound your gains and begin building your future!

You can use this concept for your expert advisors as well.  Set a weekly balance limit that will cut off the EA from trading until the next week.  Also, set a profit target for your EA so it will close all positions or at least set stops to protect that profit.  This is one way of controlling your EA's in MT4 so that they will achieve your goals..  It will also aid to get you out of the market when things start to change.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Demand level identified.  Who is ready to go long on OCO?  Risk is defined here with a stop under the recent low.

The demand level is shown with the top horizontal line on this hourly chart.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tipster Trendlines Chart Trader - Properties

This video goes over the properties of Tipster Trendlines.  This is the experts properties menu that you see when your drag it onto the chart.  Hope it helps.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An introductory video to Tipster Trendlines for MT4

What is it?

Tipster Trendlines (TT) is an Expert Advisor (EA) for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading software platform. Once you download and install the EA it will automate your manual trading for you. Tipster Trendlines is a TOOL, not a trading 'system' or robot. Use it if you place trades manually, it will do the grunt work for you. You can place every kind of order. You can select between 1 or 2 targets.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tipster Trendlines for MT4 Update

Version 14.1 is now available at MQL website.

Take a look at the videos and read about it at 2 different forums. 

Here is the page that describes the MT4 chart trader expert advisor and give you the links and information you need.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Remember this post? Here we go AGAIN!

A long time ago, I did a post up on "What the top looks like".

If you trade forex and follow USDCAD, you will want to read this and keep your eye on the ball this time. Watch the freight train hit the 1.3 wall and STOP.  Your guess is as good as mine if it continues or reverses, but 1.3 will stop price until all the order are sorted out.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What to look for in a Forex broker

First off, let me tell you who was on my list when it was compressed to 2.  Questrade and  FXCM came in close as well.  What do they have in common?  The most important part for my broker is regulation and protection.
So my main broker right now is Questrade.
There are 3 major steps to find a forex broker.

Use these suggestions to narrow it down to a few.  It shouldn't take long to do that.  The important thing to know is this – they are all out to take your money in fees of some sort. After you do some research you will see there is no perfect broker, they all have some way of getting the edge to take you money.

Step 1: Do some research
Before you compare brokers you need to list the criteria that you will compare. Add more to the list as you discover details. I used an excel spreadsheet to help me.  List the brokers as you find them, filling in the details.
There’s regulation, then there’s protection. Do not confuse the two. I want both. Is the broker regulated, and registered with the regulator listed on their site? If they are, also go to the regulators web site and cross check to make sure they are actually registered and in good standing. For US resident, good luck, the NFA and CFTC are pretty useless for forex, and in comparison the rest of the world, totally useless as there is no protection (refer to my post of CIPF which offers solid protection).  I recommend a Canadian broker, if they let you open an account you have some real solid protection for your funds.  Also, ask “is the money deposited separated from operational capital, in other words, is it segregated”?  You want segregated.
Dealing Desk, Non-Dealing Desk ECN
I like ECN, it’s a straight through process with less screwing with your orders.
Spreads or commissions
Does the broker offer fixed or non-fixed spreads?  Depends on how much you trade.  Most MT4 brokers make money on the spread.  There are many tools on the net to check this.  How wide are the spreads?  Check the tools and get a demo to confirm when you narrow down to a few brokers. Spread is more important if you trade short term.
Leverage and margin
Demo accounts
Do they offer demo accounts?  You need this to get familiar with the software and it will prompt LOTS of question if you actually place trades and follow through.  How long until the demo account expires?
Account lot size (mini, micro, standard). A smaller lot size allows you to trade with less money.

Swap or rollover
Does this broker credit or debit daily rollover interest? Some brokers either do both, deduct interest, or neither.  This information is important to traders who hold positions overnight.Some even have negative swap both ways, meaning you have to pay them, how is this possible?  If you want to do carry trades this will impact you.
Trade rules
distance of stops, orders inside bid/ask, order types (brackets orders?), is hedging allowed?
Currency pairs offered

What types of customer service is  offered, and what methods can I contact them through? 

What times are they available?

What trading platforms are offered? Is there a mobile application as well?

What is the deposit/withdraw process / methods?

Step 2: Compare brokers now that you have a completed spread sheet

Step 3: Open demo accounts and ask questions.

Pick at least two brokers that fits most of your criteria and open up demo accounts. Trade in different market environments. Learn all the different features of each trading platform. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. Many brokers have excellent customer service support and would be happy to answer your questions.
Demo accounts are great for selecting a broker. make sure you call them to ensure your demo account would be set up exactly as your real account. Same deposit currency, same rules (hedging, leverage, etc.)
Most demo trading platforms are very similar to their live counterparts, but not exactly the same. There may be a difference in speed of execution, slippage, and platform reliability (most of the time live accounts are more reliable than demo accounts). When you do have your strategy down and you are ready to move to a live account, start off small, test the waters, and see if this particular broker will suit your trading needs.

Media Monkey - Announce the next song title

I wrote a script to announce the next song in MediaMonkey.  It uses a text to speech conversion process and the text to speech engine is not on your PC.  It works for both local music and streaming radio stations.  The voice is very natural and nice to listen too.  At the top of the hour it will announce the time with the new song, same for half past the hour.

Here is a sample of the transition and the song announcement.

It is absolutely fabulous!!

Do you want the script?  All it takes is a small $15 donation to help me out.

The MediaMonkey website is here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Thank you, Soldier.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Play MP3 and have text to speech in MT4

In a few days the following packages will be released.
  • Talker - Text to Speech
  • PlayMP3 - Play MP3 files in MT4
  • TalkMP3 - Plays MP3 files and does text to speech in MT4
Each one of these is a library file (ex4).  You place it in your experts/library directory.

To learn more about these, visit the MT4 Talker and PlayMP3 page (link also appears at the top of the blog.

Demo is available.

Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker - new price!

The price for Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker has been reduced!!
It's now ON SALE

Now $30 - grab it while it's on sale!

What is Tipster Trendlines for Amibroker?  Read all about it here.

Here is the FAQ

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crossfader EA - Gold - Safety Lines

There have been many ideas tabled on saving the mighty trading account from CF when she turns against you. 

I have been using two charts with one set for buys and one set for sells.  The idea was that the sell trades could start even if the buys trades were active.  I was hoping to see the drawdown controlled.  Not sure why it doesn't work so well, I haven't spent much time examining that though.  Most likely because CF holds losers and take profits quick (no runners).

I had another brain fart the other day.  How can I manually control DD, and not sit and ‘hope’ price returns.  As I was looking through the sub-forums at SHF to decide where to post I ran across varso using a 45 pip stop (MPTM).  It seems to work for him.  My idea is almost the same!  We all know that trading with the trend is the way to go, but there are problems with that.  Which time frame is the trend you should be following?  The trend for CF should probably be the 240 or max the daily for a couple of reasons, first, CF uses a 240 stochastic, and second, when a basket starts, and depending on how many maxorder you are allowing, a price reversal could last a long long time.

Picture this - Price has been ranging on the daily for weeks and CF is happy to make Buys and Sells inside this daily range.  Now you enter a few trades, I've notice 4 to 6 in a ranging market on the 1 hour TF or 4 hour TF then price snaps against you.  CF enters more trades, price keeps ranging and snapping against you.  "Snapping" is the term I use when price surges in the direction of the trend.  In a downtrend, if you look at the chart you see price slowly drifting up, then all of a sudden it hits a level that everyone wants and BOOM, you have a lopsided market and price moves fast.So what I'm going to try is to limit drawdown by turning off Buys or Sells once price passes a certain spot or level. 
Here is the research I did to arrive at the solution.  I'm going to use AUDUSD charts as I have trades shown on it.  Now remember,  none of these trades had any drawdowns I couldn't deal with.  The trade starts are marked with lines
Here is the daily, notice the daily trend is strong down - didn't matter, CF made coin.  We'll zoom in after this chart.
Below is the hourly of the same pair
Both directions made money - look where the buys are made in this downtrend, pullbacks and consolidation.  If the pullback is weak or the consolidation not strong what happens?  You get hammered.
Here is a picture of what getting hammered looks like.
EURUSD Buys in a down trending market.  This is the hourly - clearly headed lower. Everything looks good until the recent buy, notice the pullback was weak and we get smashed.

In this case - you could have drawn a line at the top of the range and call it "SellBelow", CF will only enter sell trade when price is under this line.  In my version, I will also add to the logic, once price goes over this line all sell orders will be closed.  Then get back to trading with a profit.
I don't know if this will work.  I've looked at the trades CF makes (myfxbook charts the trades) and this approach should work.  You could even follow the pivot points on the chart if you wanted too. 

How would I prevent this?  here is the idea.
Draw a line on the chart, a line in the sand.  Actually, draw 2 lines.  A green line and a red line.
Buys are only allowed ABOVE the green line, so you can trail it up if you want too.
Sells are only allowed BELOW the red line, you could trail this down if you wanted too.

One more thing - if there are open Buy orders and price drops below the green line, I close the basket.
So now I don’t have to worry about having two charts open, or having stupid large drawdowns.  You could even use SAR as your trend switch here instead of lines, SAR is more automatic.

Back to the first chart - where to put the lines?
On the downtrend, I plan to use the red line and the green line on a 1 hour chart to start.  The safe way to go in a downtrend, just turn off the Buy trades, chances are on your side that you wont get killed.  You wouldn't even need these lines.  

These are my Safety Lines.
So go ahead and draw the lines on the chart, the problem is if you change the timeframe CF needs to reload, I'm not sure if this is an issue or not.  Go to a 1 hour TF, put the red line above the high that price would have to get to and make the strong downtrend weak.
Here's an example (yes, hindsight is 20/20)
The red lines I show, the bottom right of each line is "when" I would move the line
The green lines - as soon as the Buy (long) trades are started, I would move the green line.  If you wanted “rules” – then as soon as the first trade is entered, draw a line.  You have lots of time to do it before you get smacked.
The yellow box below shows you the current Buy trades that are getting hammered, and where this system would have exited.

If you are familiar with supply and demand you shouldn't have a problem with this.  I'm going to try this and I'll keep you posted.  I won't be near a computer for a few days, so don;'t expect quick replies!!!  The code is NOT finished yet, maybe by the end of the weekend.  I would like your thoughts on this method.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Play MP3 sound files in MT4

Play MP3 files in MT4

Have you ever wanted to play a MP3 file in MT4?  
The built in function PlaySound() will only play wav files.

If you are interested in this, send me an email.  I can play mp3 files from MT4, it's easy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Forex Trading Signal for MT4

If your interested in following forex trading signals, take a look at this link for the signal.  Good gains!


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